Jake groaned as he tried to turn in bed. The white lights almost blinded him as he tried to sit up in bed.

“Sir, please relax” the nurse said as she rushed to his side

“Where am I?” He asked throatily

He felt his tummy hurt as he tried to speak. The last thing he could remember was being dragged to meet Nate in a caravan.

“You’re at the hospital, Mr jacobin and the doctor would join you shortly”

“Oh” he sighed

“I would go tell them you’re awake”

The nurse placed her utensils on a side table and walked out.

Each part of his body hurt when he tried to move so it was pointless even trying. He frowned at the tubes that were put in his hands, the smell of antiseptic irritated him so much.

A few minutes later, a tired smile found its way to Jake’s face as he heard Nate’s voice in the corridor.

“Jake!” Nate rushed to the bed as he entered the room.

“What the hell am I doing here?” Jake demanded

Nate smiled, it was good to have Jake back. The doctors said h
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