Ruby kicked off her shoes and climbed into her bed. It was indeed a long and dreadful day, one she won’t be forgetting for a long time.

It was another kind of hurt watching someone who she called a friend turn into a monster, a monster with no control.

Ethan looked pathetic, the way his brain functioned was even worse.

She groaned as she tossed in bed, leaving Oregon made so much sense to her now. She was going to be away from the never ending drama and would be surrounded by a breath of fresh air.

Cassie had been nice enough to comfort her, surprisingly, she wasn’t judgemental about it and knew to be quiet and not bug her with questions.

She snapped her fingers, now it made sense why she was staring at the scrubs and stethoscope in Ethan’s house. She had remembered that Esme’s boyfriend was also a doctor. She rolled her eyes as her mind drifted to her best friend, or ex best friend.

Most times she wanted to call, to ask her how she was holding up, how the baby was doin
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