Roberta stretched tiredly . Mommy duties were stressing her. She had woken up early to bathe Lorenzo , feed him and take him to school. She drew out a carefully planned family tree for him.

His school’s principal had called her back the next day. Rebecca stood her ground that getting the children involved with aspiring candidates was dangerous. Some of the candidates were dangerous themselves and would go the extra mile to harm innocent children in order to attain political positions. The principal brushed it off as nothing and assured her that he had everything under control.

He said that Wyatt was only being generous and concerned about the children’s welfare. He had donated a huge sum of money and promised them a new basketball court. Of course, Wyatt was the least interested in the children’s welfare. He only wanted their support in the upcoming elections and he had invited reporters to take pictures of him as he donated money to the school.

The interior decorator for th
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