Stay away from me

Chapter 131

Stay the fuck away from me else I'm not going to slap you in public next time I'm gonna do something worse. It's not a threat, it's a warning” Lisa said and with that, she walked away.

Alfred stood numb not saying a word. He was in shock that Lisa slapped him. Just then Mr. Luke walked toward him.

“What just happened? Is Mrs. Lisa a gangster?” Mr. Luke asked as he saw Lisa walk away angrily.

“What happened Alfred, why did she hit you?” Mr. Luke asked Alfred who seemed to be lost in thought. Alfred stared at the crowd who were still staring at him murmuring.

He didn’t care about the crowd, they can say whatever they want all he wants and care for is for Lisa to talk to him but she seems to hate him a lot and wouldn't want to talk to him at all.


“Let's talk somewhere else,” Alfred said as he walked away and entered Luke's car and Mr. Luke hopped in too.

Meanwhile, Lisa walked inside her office angrily with Dina trailing behind her.

“What happened Lisa? You
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