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Chapter 215

Lisa walked inside Alfred’s ward looking as angry as ever. Alfred whose eyes were fixed on his phone turned to Lisa wondering why she was angry and her mom wasn’t with her.

“Lisa, what’s wrong?” Alfred asked.

“I just saw uncle Damon’s wife and then she’s asking me to forgive Uncle Damon that he’s in the hospital, that he has cancer.

I’m never going to forgive him, not after everything he did to me and my mother. He fvcking shot my mom. Even when I was pleading with him to help my mom. He paid a deaf ear to my pleas and all he did was hit me telling me to shut up. I can never forgive him, he’s so heartless” Lisa said and Alfred sighed softly.

“Remember I paid your uncle to get you for me. He sold you to me if he’s a monster so I’m i” Alfred paused and Lisa rolled her eyes.

“At least you were not my uncle. I trusted him, Alfred. He was like a father to me, I even looked up to him like a mentor” Lisa said. Alfred could understand how she was feeling.

“Lisa, no matter what
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