Rika's visit

Ella was doing year-end statistics, suddenly startled by a girl's shrill call.


Lifting her eyes, she saw Rika, carrying two rice cages from afar, running towards her, chirping like a baby bird. Rika is childish, lively, and cheerful.

"Let's eat together."

Is it time for lunch already? Ella looked up at her watch, mumbling. Working overtime, if Rika doesn't come, she'll probably… starve.

Cleaning the files and books aside, Rika placed the two rice bowls on the table. They ate while chatting.

“Ella, did you call my brother?” Rika reminded her. “He might be worried about you. If you have time, give him a call.”

"I don't want to bother him. His job seems to be very busy.” Ella stopped eating and spoke.

“You shouldn't think like that. As his wife, you need to call him to inform him about your life. Even if he doesn't call, you have to call, at least once." Rika asked.

"I'll call him when I have some free time."

Finishing work at the company, Ella returned to her father's apartmen
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