chapter 6:

Lucas POV

The first full moon has passed and I haven't found that girl at the hotel yet.  I went to the hotel but no one seems to recognize anybody like that. But that was before the first full moon.

" Hi Miss," I called the staff in a white shirt.

" How may I help you sir?"she asked politely.

" I'm looking for a lady" I replied

" A lady?" She asked and I nodded

" Does she works here and what's her name ?" The lady ask and I become quite.

" She doesn't have a name" I said and the lady furrow her brows in confusion.

" I mean I don't know her name. She has dark long hair and emerald eyes. Her skin is fair and spotless" I gave her the description of my mate and she nodded her head Negatively.

" I'm sorry sir, I don't know any lady like that. You can ask around" she said and walk away. No one seems to recognize that girl or maybe she doesn't works there or she just got there to drink that night but I have to go there again maybe I will find her this time around. I slept with her but I didn't mark her. That was the mistake I made that night. It would have been easier to locate her with the mate mark but I didn't mark her. I just have to go there and look for her again the second full moon is fast approaching, if I don't find her my mom will pull my skin out of my body.

Luckily I don't have any alpha duties to carry out today. I have assigned them to my beta Athonio so I don't have anything to worry about in the pack. All the warriors have been placed in the borders and everywhere is very guarded. If I manage to find my mate today, her safety won't be a problem for the pack is heavily guarded.

I hop into the truck and drove out of the pack and the warriors at the gate locked the gate back. It took me almost an hour to get out of the wood. It wasn't easy driving out of the woods with the sound of strange beings howling loudly. I got to the hotel and packed somewhere outside and walked in. Took a sit in the bar and order for a cocktail. I scan my eyes through the bar, taking a very clear look at every girl in the bar. Some came gushing and flirting around me but I'm not in the mood for them, I'm here to find my mate and not some bitch. I was still in the bar drinking my sixth cup of cocktail when I saw a girl holding a portrait in her hand. She's wearing a black leather jacket and a pair of black  trouser with a black face cap on her face. Her black hair is packed into a ponytail and the face cap covering her . She walked passed me and sniff the familiar scent of mint and vanilla.

' she's the one ' Uzo yelled in my head but before I turned to take a proper look at her, she's already at the door going out. I rushed towards the door and catch up with her half way and grab her hand but she immediately pushed me away.

" What's wrong with you?" She asked and her sweet angry voice sound like a music to my ear.

Ariel's POV

No one seems to know this so called alpha with red hair and icy blue eyes. I think I should just give that hotel a try. Who knows someone might recognize him. He should be a regular customer there. I quickly took a hot shower and change into a black leather jacket and a pair of black trouser and a black matching boot and face cap.

I got into my car and drove straight to the hotel. I got there just around mid evening and got out of the car. I walked towards the reception and showed the portrait to the two lady on seat but none of them seem to recognize him. I heard them gossip amongst themselves but I'm not in the mood to listen to their gossips. I'm still in my first trimester so I have to find this alpha before my pregnancy grows into the second trimester. It's not really easy carrying this pregnancy at all. I always feel weak and lose consciousness at interval. According to Irene she said the fetus blood is more stronger than mine that was why I keep losing consciousness.  How can a fetus blood be stronger than mine?

I asked around but no one seems to recognize him. I walk towards the bar and look around for any red haired man with icy blue eyes but only few red haired men with grey and golden eyes can be seen in the bar. Seems like I got the wrong information, maybe I'm wrong with the hair or probably Irene gave me the wrong eye color. I caught sight of a black haired man stealing a glance at me from the corner of the bar. I immediately walk out of the bar and went to the packing lot when suddenly someone bump on me from behind ...

" What's wrong with you?" I yelled as the face cap fell off from my head revealing my face.

" I'm sorry" she apologized as she bent down to pick my face cap for me.

He picked the face cap and our eyes came in contact. He has dark long hair and icy blue eyes with a well defined jaw.

" It's you" he said and I shove the portrait at his face

" Do you know him?" I asked and didn't reply but kept gazing into my eyes.

why is he gazing at me like that?

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