23| Unfamiliar Impulses.

"Can we rest here for the night?" Clohe whined as she rubbed her left temple. "I still feel fatigued like there is a dark cloud hovering over me." She confessed with apprehension as her blood thrummed through her veins.

Mira stopped in her tracks, she spun around and approached Clohe with a concerned look on her face.

As she reached Clohes' side, she tilted her head back and marvelled at the beautiful colours splashed across the horizon.

She sucked in a lungful of fresh air as the light breeze whipped around them.

"We will camp here for the night," She said as she lowered her head and looked at Clohe.

Mira knew it would take them at least three days to walk to Snow Valley Pack. But she, too, became exhausted as she discreetly drew from her source of energy to conceal their scent in the hopes of preventing the councils' tracking wolves from locating them.

"I will stand guard for the first half of the night," The Alpha King suggested.

"You're not tired?' Mira asked as she knew he hadn
Dream Shadow

I would just like to say thank you for reading this far into my first paranormal book. I know it's not perfect but I'm having fun as I write it. Please check out: Mated To The Alpha Alien by Jay Crawley.

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