Entranced| 18+


Eleanor’s pov

After two vodka shots, I finally was ready to start my night afresh as I allowed Jett to lead me for the second time tonight to the dance floor. The Dj had begun playing sensual music but it didn’t discourage either of us. We followed the slow rhythm of the song with my leg encircling his thigh while his crotch pressed deep into my stomach. I ran my hand all over his upper body starting from the back of his neck, to his hair, his chest, and lastly, his waistline. I pressed tighter into his erection which elicited a hiss from him. His green eyes got darker with lust and his breath heavier and hotter. His hands caressed my lower body from my waistline downwards as though it belonged to him. He pushed one of his hands under my gown, skimming through all the skin he could roam while I battled with the dampness that got heavier on my spot and the moan I was letting out. His hand on my lower body moved lower and lower until he cupped my ass cheek with only the lace of my panties as an obstruction from my flesh. He lowered his head and fixed his mouth on my ear, roaming with the tip of his tongue, the sensitive part of it. He bit down on it and mumbled. “I want you” I bite my lips and moaned.

“If you do that again, I’ll punish you by giving you soft round ass some spiky spank and then fuck you right on the floor on this club and make you lean on the counter while I fuck you through the thread of sanity and madness”

Because I was too immersed in the bubbles that had formed in my core, I couldn’t answer with words.

The DJ suddenly played Tracy Chapman’s ‘Baby can I hold you and I rested my head on his shoulders without even thinking. I faced him, stirring the flame that was consuming us both. He flicked his tongue over his lower lip giving me images of the many erotic tales I’ve been told by my friends. We stared squarely into each other’s gaze as we both rocked in perfect sync, his hands on my waist while mine around his neck.

 I bite my lips as I stare down at his lip. I really don’t want to but just looking at him I want to get laid. I was too turned on.

We swayed from side to side each lost in their own thoughts. I lifted my head and caught him staring at me. His gaze was so intense that it dehydrated me and made my lips feel patched and sore. Instinctively, I used the tip of my tongue to wet my rough lips and suckled on them to give them some softness, but on looking up, Jett’s irises were dilated with a shadow of something I couldn’t quite decipher.

I looked at him and bit down at my lips nervously. He muttered under his breath and I looked up confused. He held my face and before I could fathom what was happening, his lips captured mine.

Holy freaking shit. I was being kissed by a stranger. He tasted like coffee and spirit. The kiss was exhilarating, intoxicating, and consuming, because the seconds our lips touched, I began wanting more. I sighed as I opened my lips to let him in.

His lips move in sync with mine and it went uphill, a silent fight going on between us. Who would give up first? I smiled as I kissed him back fiercely.

I swept my tongue in his mouth and got a groan from him. Good job Eleanor. He bit down on my lips and I moaned.

“Oh, high heavens!” I moaned. I facepalmed myself internally but I continued kissing him anyway.

 I slide my hands down his body, up-down and then I slide my hands into his exposed chest.

“Sweetheart, what do you say we get out of here?” He asked as my breath hitched and I came back to reality. He looked at me and smiled. He knew he got me where he wanted to .

Well, he is good-looking and new in town. The possibility of meeting him again is high but who cares about the future. Right now it’s my birthday and I’m supposed to make mistakes today. Not really but who cares. So I smiled at him and said “sure, let’s do that”.

The ride to wherever this place was, was the longest joinery I’ve ever had to endure. We were barely inside the apartment which seemed to be a hotel room because of its luxury. I was making quick work to discard my clothes but Jett captured my hand by my wrist and brought a bit over my head in one hand while the other one messed with my hair as he pulled it slightly. “I want to be the one to do things but if you must do anything, know that I must be the one to ask you to do it. “Even though I had zero comprehension of what he was saying, I nodded my head in affirmation. “I want to fuck you until you forget about your ex completely and imprint my name and my cock on the pleasurable side of your heart. Until all you would ever think about is me banging you into oblivion. Now, do you want me to do that?” he asked and I nodded, seemingly at a loss for words.


He attacked my lips once more at a very fast pace. From my lips, he went to my jaw and then the crook of my neck nibbled, bit it, and blew hot air on the spot which caused me to go dizzy with my breast begging to my squeeze and my pussy, the slightest form of attention. On impulse, my hand drifted to the bulge on the center of his pants, fiddling with his belt as I desperately searched for an outlet to let on the throbbing in my stomach, cunt, and breast. Jett wiped my hand away from his penis and bit my earlobe. He pushed me until my back touched the soft bed that lay mightily in the center of the room. He slipped his hand into my gown and my bra came off before my gown did. I don’t even know-how. He cupped my breast and I shamelessly arched back to give him more access to my milk box. He pushed me back down and followed me until he kissed me on the lips, slowly averting his lips and trailing wet slurry kisses down my body until he reached the mighty pulled-up water in my hole.

“So fucking wet” he hissed. While his tongue tangled with my moisture, his hands trailed their way to my chest and once again, cupped my breast, pulling and pinching my nipples. Leaving my dampness, he captured my chest buds with his mouth, sucking, nibbling, and faintly biting while I shook in utter pleasure from the sweetness. Nothing could be compared to that feeling. One of his hands played with one nipple while the other was occupied by his mouth. A shudder racked through my body which was accompanied by goosebumps as I felt his tongue in my pussy one more time. He blew a breath on my pussy and I felt my leg begin to shake, I tried stopping it but the more I tried to suppress it, the more vigorous I shook.

He removed his tongue and placed it at the entrance. My breath got hitched in my throat when he added a finger.

“Shit! Why are you so tight?” his eyes held alarm and shock.

“Nothing, just don’t stop,” I begged, using my palm to push his hand further into my pussy. I wasn’t so sure but it seemed as though his finger was deep inside me while his tongue was at the surface but one thing I knew for certain, nothing else measured to it. At his onslaught, my hands fisted on the sheet while I let out the louder moan and whimper ever.

“Yeah, cum for me he commanded” the vibration of his voice against my pussy worked the rest of wonder. I came violently with my head swinging to all sides as I tried to make meaning of all that just happened. If his finger and tongue could make me feel this way, how then would I feel when he finally inserts his joystick into my port?

He gathered a good quantity of my cum and made me taste it. An appreciative growl left his mouth. “So obedient. I like you” the words had barely left his mouth when he pulled me until I was plastered fully on the bed. Grabbing my legs, he pulled me until the back of my knee was dangling from the edge of the bed. He grabbed my thigh, parted them, and lined himself up at my entrance, his palm holding his erected dick while the tip stared at me in mockery.

I was scared.

Would he fit in? Damn! He looked so big.

“some goody for your obedience” he opened his mouth, collected saliva from it, and used it to rob on his dick. We locked eyes and I shuddered.

He thrust into me.


“Fuck!” he hissed. “You’re so goddamn tight

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