Teaming up

Jared's Pov.

I had been waiting for close to thirty minutes yet no sign of him. Did he think I was a joke? Had he deliberately accepted to meet me just to stand me up for hours?

I raked a finger through my hair, trying to control my anger as I stood at the foot of the baobab tree we had agreed to meet at. This spot was one of the secret places we could meet and I had personally chosen it so we could have our conversation without being seen by nosy wolves in the pack.

I let out a big sigh, still wondering if I had been played. Had he done this just to get back at me? I didn't want to believe that I had been stupid enough to get played on like this.

To be honest, I would not be surprised if he didn't show up. Somehow, I was expecting him not to. It had been years since we last had a proper conversation and I was not sure he liked me anymore to want to be around me.

Nevertheless, he should have just told me he was not going to come rather than lead me on only to abandon me to my fate
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