We just lost him

*Blood Moon Pack*

"What am I doing, Andrew?"

"You know what. This guy wanted to kill Aiden. This guy wanted to kill Aiden for no just cause!"

"Aiden! Aiden! Aiden! It's always about Aiden!" Calix growled too. He was now getting very angry and could not keep his cool anymore. "It's always about Aiden! All the time! Tell me, am I existing just for Aiden? Don't get me wrong. I love Aiden like a brother but that does not mean I will throw away an opportunity to have a better position just because of Aiden."

"What are you saying?" Jamal glared at him. "You and I know how bad Jared is. We know of his atrocities. Don't tell me you are this swayed by the offer to lose your head?"

"I can't believe he is so quick to forget everything Jared had done to us." Andrew shook his head.

"To Aiden!" Calix snapped. "Point of correction! To Aiden and not to us. Everything is all about Aiden and the battle with Jared is Aiden's battle. I wonder why I need to be dragged into it. I have done a lot for Aiden.
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