Chapter three ( Tension )

Eden Rastol

I swear, I could feel bits of sweat trickle down from my forehead. Her mere presence alone emits thousands of different emotions that are very hard to understand. In all my twenty-five years of leaving I could swear this is the first time I felt like peeing on myself, Yes! I could imagine she isn't the kind of lady I should stumble across, following the series of warning rumors I heard about her before.

"I can see you're deaf or maybe you've lost your ability to comprehend what I ask, so I will air it out again" She spoke calmly but dangerously. Her gaze pierced into mine like a sharp blade ready to cut me into shreds.

My palms already turned sweaty, my whole system is filled up with tension, fear of the unknown engulfed me and clouded my sense of reasoning

"What are you doing in my territory, do you have the slightest idea of what I'm capable of doing to you!?....." She snapped and banged her right hand on the walls, I staggered back as the whole place shook in terror, her eyes turned red, and her whole body screams of nothing but danger. I wasn't thinking straight, I did the only thing I could think of at the moment and that is 

"Run….run….run………" Liam my wolf screams out 

"Sorry………." I screamed and took to my heels like a crazy psycho. I don't know how but just like a flash, I was already out of her vicinity entirely and in a whole different place, I was still wondering how I got there when I felt a tap on my shoulder, out of fear I flinched and turned immediately, but became calmed when I saw its Nana

"Eden, I've been looking for you, where have you been?" She asked worriedly, her wrinkled face now on full display. My heart palpitate, as I felt her motherly love and care for me, I could already picture my mother in her

"Sorry Nana, I lost you by mistake," I said humbly looking at the floor, guess I stressed her

''It's okay, let's pack up the vegetables since there ain't much work today"

"Ohh….I thought we are going to be here till dawn" 

" should have been that way, tomorrow is the full moon ritual, so we're advised to go home and rest and prepare because from tomorrow it gets tiring till after the festival" 

"Ohhhh...never knew you people celebrate that here" I muttered, remembering all my misfortune that happened on this day.

"You should be excited my boy, who knows you might meet your mate" Nana giggled and tickled me lightly making me laugh out loud

"I doubt that" 

"Well you shouldn't, the moon goddess has her ways" She winks at me. I blush wondering how she manages to be all lively even without a family.

"Stop thinking my boy, let's go" She dragged me forward, I only pray nothing happens at this festival, I just want to leave normally here

"Dear moon goddess please, I don't want a mate in my life, so don't worry about me, my poor heart has suffered enough and can't take in more sufferings" I concluded my prayers, 

We are now in the packing store, as I help Nana to pack up the vegetables, I guess it's going to be used for the festival. We were still packing when suddenly I heard ranting 

"Why is an old woman like you so fucking slow, we don't pay you to lazy around" I heard a voice shouting, I was becoming restless, so I left the portion Nana told me to pack and stepped out, but my legs were glued on the floor when I saw a woman in her mid-thirties, harassing Nana. 

I was filled with anger and wanted nothing but to teach the mother fucker a lesson. I don't know when my legs reach her, I flung her hand away from Nana's body

''How could you be so disrespectful!?" I asked angrily

"Eden….?" Nana tried to hold me but I moved away

"How could you talk to her like that? She's old enough to be your mother for peter's sake" I queried throwing my hands in the air

"Are you done?" She asked like I never said anything

"Well I guess you're then...old woman this will be my last time warning you, next time, I won't be doing that" She eyed me disgustingly and walked off.

I turned to Nana to see her in tears, but she wiped it off immediately I turn

"Nana, why are you crying?" I ask moving closer to her, 

"I'm not, just that these silly tears refuse to mind their business" She smile trying to cover it up, I sighed deciding not to push further, 

''Come here" I took her hand and sat her down by the corner

"But we still need to pack, ……" 

"Shhh….." I hush her calmly, 

"Don't worry let me finish up, just rest and wait for me" I smile at her

"Alright dear" She smiled and ruffled my hair, I went back and started packing up

I finished packing the vegetables minutes ago and right now we're on our way out of the mansion when suddenly the whole hall that we are walking through turned chaos but silence followed as everybody stood still, only the clicking sound of heels can be heard 

I could feel Nana's body shaking beside me, I kept on wondering what's happening, out of curiosity I raised my head and was shocked to get a glimpse of the Supreme Alpha standing some meters away from us, my heartbeat accelerated 

She looked around frantically, I hid immediately

"How dare someone bring in a Nuisance into my Mansion?'' 

" Dang!" I heard a loud bang in my head, I bailed my fist and squeeze my eyes praying it isn't what I'm thinking

"Lock up the whole doors, I've some unfinished business" She smirked evilly making my heart reverberate.

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