chapter 8.5

“Where is the rest of the army?”

“They are trailing our tracks, if we move now we might reach them in under twenty minutes. Rally the escapees and tell them we have to move now.”

Thomas, Xermia, and Sigrid joined in on the conversation soon after. They listened in on the narration for a while, recalling how Albert had vanished days before the coupe.

“Now please, we have to get moving now!”

Thomas and the rest turned to the crowd. Others were awake, they had seen Robert and his unit’s arrival and announced it to others. Others were deep in slumber, enjoying their afternoon nap. Thomas turned to the crowd and began his speech.

“Everyone! Listen, the army has arrived, let us pack our things and get a move on now!”

A commotion ensued, as people walked from tent to tent awakening their sleeping neighbors. Others were bringing down their tents and stuffing them inside whatever they engineered as their bags. Others moved forward, ready to begin their journey.

As the ruckus continued, the old
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