Chapter Eleven

"There you go, honey, all done."

I turned my head from side to side in the mirror, barely recognizing myself. Marissa wolf-whistled and Allie clapped.

The hairdresser had piled my hair up on my head in such a way that it looked as though cascades of dark curls would fall endlessly down my back. I didn't even know how she made it look like my hair was that full and thick, but it was beautiful. My makeup was perfect, and it all accented the little black dress Owen had left at the spa for me to wear. Marissa had drooled as she looked at the designer label and threatened to steal it when I wasn't looking.

I felt like Cinderella.

"If you're Cinderella, what does that make us? The ugly stepsisters?" Allie asked, sipping on a cup of tea. I hadn't realized I had said anything out loud.

"Yeah, and we don't even get to go the ball tonight!" Marissa added with a laugh. I blushed slightly, flustered.

"Oh, hey, speaking of which, here comes Prince Charming now," Allie announced, looking out
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