Chapter Eighteen

“Oh, hey, Charlotte and Leo!” A female voice interjected, stopping whatever Leo's retort was going to be. “I thought I heard voices up here.”

Sam, or rather Samantha, came to join her husband at the railing. Her sun-bleached blonde hair was pulled back out of her tanned smiling face. She was the reason that Robbie was no longer a problem child. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and she leaned into him like he was her strength. Robbie's caressed her arm as he pulled her closer to him. It was such a small motion, but it spoke of a deep love between them.

I envied them slightly. They spent their days either racing sailboats or teaching others how to sail. They got to be with the love of their life doing the thing that they loved most. I hoped Leo and I could be that happy someday.

“Hi, Sam,” I greeted her. “It's good to see you.”

Leo murmured an appropriate greeting as well. Our discussion on the safety of his boat would have to wait until later.

“So, we're planning a little outing
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