Chapter 81

“It has been a long year, right? Let’s get divorce now.” Noah said. He stared at Averill, watching her reaction but to his surprise, Averill smiled at him.

“Ahm, do you have a pen? I don’t have mine at the moment,” she said, her voice as clear as the blue skies. Noah felt more bitter as he handed her the pen. “Thanks,” Averill said.

She placed the folder on the island bar, sat on the stool and read the divorce papers. Noah watched her from the side, ‘What’s taking her long?’ Irritated, he sat beside her.

“Just f*cking sign it, Averill. It’s not like I put some shady thing in there, it’s just divorce papers–”

“Oh, were you waiting? I already signed it. I was just thinking about something, sorry about that,” she smiled. Noah was stunned with the sweet and gentle smile that Averill had shown him. He never saw that smile before, that smile who looked pleased… he felt a pang in his chest.

‘Hah, I knew it. This is what you wanted. You must have signed it after seeing that I’ll give you
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