SUBTITLE; A night to remember..

"Boss! The brakes ain't working!"

His nose was Also bleeding which only means one thing..


their car has been hacked and Godvric can't seem to make it stop..

He tried stopping the car but it was an automatic car and couldn't come to a stop.

"Boss! You're bleeding!" Godvric when he saw the pale look on Xavier's face and the bleeding didn't seem to stop..

Xavier for the first in his life was scared.

He wasn't scared of dying at all but was only scared of leaving his wife alone..

He'd promised to grow old with her..

Godvric was still trying to control the car which was moving really fast while Xavier was trying to keep his eye open..

"Watch out!" Xavier groaned when he saw a truck speeding towards them but it was too late to get outta the way..

Their car got hit by the truck roughly but Godvric managed to steady the car even though the brakes ain't working..

Sebastian is still trying to get the car in control but to no avail..

He was a
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Shana Hardy
Love it so far! Really need to know what happens next!

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