SUBTITLE; A night to remember..

"So he didn't get poisoned from something he ate but something he touched?" Kendall was slowly putting all the pieces together and she was gonna get to the bottom of everything..

"Bingo!" Godvric seems to remember something.

"What is it?"

"The coffee cup." Xavier had drank one last coffee before they left the hotel so it was highly possible they'd poisoned the coffee or the cup..

"I want the list of every single employees of La Verne and also find out who was responsible for cleaning his room. Don't forget the cameras to. Find that son of b*who tried to kill my husband." Kendall said with menacing eyes...

She needed to do something for her husband even if it meant killing those bastards..

"What about Zach?" Lucas asked while rubbing his chin.

Everything was more complicated than they actually expected..

"Track him down immediately." If her hunch was correct then it's either Zach wanted to warn Xavier or he was actually part of the scheme.
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