" I did find out, Alpha. It was the Luna, you weren't mistaken." Donna bowed while Kaden shut his eyes tight, clenching his fists.

His own Leilani? He had known before but just wanted to confirm, she was that woman? The one who detested him so much then? Why exactly did she capture him and why wasn't she saying anything about it?

Is there something he wasn't still getting? Leilani was that same lady who almost made tears fall out of his eyes? Why?

He simply sighed then turned to Donna who was still standing, waiting for her next order. " What else did you find out? Is there anything else?"

" There is, Alpha."

" Go on."

" She was staying in that house you were captured with her friends, a male, Logan who's currently lying unconscious in the pack hospital and a female named Umbrie who is from a very well to do family, Umbrie's family had been the one to sponsor Leilani since she suddenly came out of nowhere, they've been close friends for more than eight years."

" They moved out of th
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