Chapter 53

Kia's POV:

I'm now a little over 30 weeks pregnant and I swear I've doubled in size in the last 3 weeks alone. At my last appointment, my doctor said that there's not much more room left for the babies. So we scheduled a C-section in 2 weeks but they can still come before 32 weeks. The guys are watching me like a hawk lately. Worrying about me falling or going into labor when I'm all alone. So one of them is always with me and if none of them are here then it's Bella or Monica. The past few weeks all of the guys have been busy so all of us moms to be hang out daily. Bella, Reina, Monica and Marina rotate to keep us company so the guys can learn what they need so they can takeover their dad's company. Sloan plans on passing the company down 6 months after the babies arrive. It sucks not having them all here with me but I understand that they have to do this for our future. Wren got a job at one of Doms legal businesses and is currently working 6 days a week trying to get ahead so when
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