Chapter 80. The illusion of Valor's Past

“Hum… I’m sure that there are some cameras in the CEO's room, you told the secretary Layla or the one who used to go with your fiance…”

“He is Finn”

“Yes, Finn. There, you tell the two of them that you want to see the camera, you're their boss’s wife, and they won't say no."

Eira said as firmly as a nail.

“Besides, even if you ruined Lars Ramos' plans, he wouldn't be angry. The person he treasures the most is you.” This even Eira could not deny because it was so obvious.

Everything Lars Ramos does is for Keelin Morales. Because he wanted to give her a safe and happy future, he decided to take care of it all by himself.

The more Keelin listens to Eira, the more she sees that Eira is right. Lars always acts for her, and with his feelings, there's no way he should be seduced by Jena.

Suddenly, Keelin's phone vibrated with a text message.

Keelin opened the message, read it, and laughed.

Sitting next to her, Eira couldn't help but be curious

"Fiancee texting and smiling like that?"

"No, it
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