Chapter 16


“Wow? What do you mean wow?!” The wind picks up as Aeon began seething with anger. Rubin sees his face and was shocked, “Why does he look like that, Caelum?” Though she have said it with a whisper I know Aeon had heard her for his hands began trembling as he stood over Rubin. “What did you say?” His eyes dangerously glinted as he reach out to take her. I stand next to Rubin and hold her close, shielding her from Aeon’s dangerous stance.

I know what he’s about to do and it won’t be a pretty sight to make him angry.

“Look here, mate,” I held up a hand against his direction as Rubin hides her face on my chest, “I didn’t mean to bring her here, okay? She can follow me through the wind. Foolishly and unknowingly, I brought her here so I apologize, okay? It won’t happen again.” I watched as Aeon’s fist relaxed on his sides. Rubin slightly trembles on my chest so I push her back, not used to giving some free hugs. She glared at me and I returned it, making her huff, “This
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