Chapter 55


The gleaming snow appears to have lost its luster as everywhere I look seems to appear dull and lifeless. I felt like all of the hard work and sacrifices I made are all in vain. I suddenly felt tired, so I collapsed down on the autumn leaves, hearing them crunch tenderly as I take a seat. I placed my elbows upon my knee and rested my head on the palm of my hand, huffing. The slight brush on top of my head made me shudder, “You need not to worry about those anymore. Focus on your task,” Hades said as he stands next to me. “As for your parents, I can confirm to you that both of them are still alive.”

What did he just say?

I covered my mouth and tried to pinch myself out of this dream. I couldn’t believe my ears as I hear his words.

Is he really telling the truth?

I looked up at him, asking for confirmation, “Are you certain? Uncle George-”

“Is wrong. He’s not the one who is managing the dead, my dear, I am. Are you seriously doubting my capabilities?” I shook my head n
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