Chapter sixteen

Eve's hands trembled and in a flash, she dropped to the floor on her knees. Hot tears were already streaming down her cheeks. Elsa ran to her side and wrapped her right arm around her.

"I'm so sorry Eve." Elsa sympathized and began wiping Eve’s tears.

Eve nodded repeatedly as the thought of her fate dawned on her. From the letter Elsa handed to her, her boss had asked her to pick up her stuff and leave the office stating that she was sacked. Eve didn't read the second paragraph where it was stated how she'll be paid for the number of days she had worked so far.

"I just got fired." she cried out and Elsa hugged her tightly.

"It's okay Eve. Please don't cry" Elsa consoled her.

Elsa helped Eve to rise to her feet. "Do you need anything?" Elsa stuttered.

Eve swung her head from left to right and began taking a few steps backwards. She walked out of the office building without carrying anything except the bag she came with. She was consumed by shock.

"Watch where you are going, miss!" A c
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