Chapter One Hundred - Sixteen

Henry pulled the car to a halt at his office parking lot and threw his head back. Immediately after he left Eve's house, he took the route that led to the office because he had a meeting with his Chinese clients at 9 am sharp and he was yet to complete his presentation.

He stared at his left wrist and was greeted by its emptiness. His eyes widened in horror when he realised that his watch was gone. He remembered putting it on before leaving for his parent's house for dinner last evening so he was certain that the wristwatch was at Eve's.

He adjusted his sleeves and fixes his buttons. After ensuring that he was looking presentable, Henry stepped out of the vehicle. If he was done working on the presentation before the clients arrive, he'll hurry home and freshen up before attending the meeting.

As he took rushed steps toward the entrance, the security guards who spent the night on duty were stunned when they saw him marching toward the entrance. It was just a few minutes past 7 am and
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