The first test for the throne

chapter 19

The next day, the blind seer was summoned to the council room. Everyone gathered in the room as they stood, surrounding the blindseer who was sitting down in the middle of the circle formed.

The two Alphas and their lunas stood in front of him with different expressions on their faces. One of the lunas was wearing an angry and nervous look while the other looked nervous.

But the men seemed to be a more calmer. Anthony, sensing Eriteria's nervousness, reached to hold her hand and gave it a light squeeze. As if to assure her.

This little interaction didn't escape Luciano's eyes. He didn't even bother with the lady beside him.

The blindseer, finally started to speak.

"As you know, you people are now alphas and lunas. So you need to emback on the tests together" he said and paused.

Then continue, " This tests is not going to be an easy one. Your lives will be at risk, but it is mandatory." He paused again, as if to think.

" you all know the history behind our pack. When the dre
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