The Welcome Back

I visited grandma on the way back to the castle. She told me about the stone that Mydia had given me, that it was actually a part of a broken key. The key that locked the exiled creatures in the secluded part of the world, which no one knew where it really was.

According to the legends and myths, the key was destroyed to avoid the possibilities of someone freeing the creatures, before their time. The broken parts of the key were three stones. First stone was the protector, which refused the creatures to cross the border and the second one, manipulated fire. The fire surrounded the border so no one would come near it.

The final and the third stone was actually a source of power. It drew energy from non-living beings like stones, mountains, soil and water and used it as a physical owner to the other two stones. Which meant, the security was always active. It was meant to be like that until the creatures were free to return. Until the war.

All the three stones were distributed by the god
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