The Night At The Lake

Paws thudded in the darkness crunching the soil beneath, snout up in the air trailing behind the scent he left in his wake. A crescent moon was hanging in the dark blue sky, providing its light on the ground.

The route was familiar to me, maybe it was the trail that led to the small lake the princess came oftentimes.A howl pierced the otherwise silent night and I immediately knew who it come from.

Was he really in that much pain that he couldn't suppress it physically? Did my rejection hurt him this much? But he shouldn't have been mulling over just some female's words.

From an outsider's perspective I was just another female who the King admired, so what? He could find someone much better than me, someone much, much prettier and willing than me.

Stepping out of the treeline, the lake came into my view and there he was, sitting at its shore now in his human form, stark naked.

I wanted to retreat, now that I knew he was safe—not that he needed anyone to protect him if he encountere
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