The Unforgettable Night

The crowd shifted to make space for us in the middle of the hall right under the gigantic crystal chandelier. My heart racing in the contrast of my nervous hesitant steps. The Alpha King had to have felt the shaking of my pale hand with nerves as he lightly squeezed it and looked down at me and smiled in his own charming way.

And it was in that moment that I realised how much he affected my whole being even with a simple action. A single tender look from him and the world seemed to vanish behind us in a fog.

He took my hand in his calloused one and bowed slightly to which I managed a socially acceptable curtsy that the princess had taught me.

He gently pulled me in and guided my other hand on his shoulder and rested his on the small of my back and swayed us along the sweet and slow melody.

Right then, he could have led me to fall off of a clifftop and I still would have followed his lead, looking into his deep and warm brown eyes.

We moved a step back then forward, swaying left to rig
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