Chapter 9

Lily wasn’t stopping. Her warm tears shrank into his shirt and wet his shoulder. “Why are you crying?” Niklaus finally asked. He could feel her shaking her head but there was no response from her. “If you don’t say, how will I know?”

After a loud sniff, she murmured, “I am not such a girl.”

“What? Which girl?”

“A girl, who sleeps with random people.”

“I know,” Nik said and caressed her long hair. “It happened because you were drunk and angry with Mr. Denholm. It was my mistake; I shouldn’t have done that. do I say,” He took a deep breath, “Because of the memory of your sister sleeping with Drake, you were fixated on sleeping with anyone.”

After hearing that, Lily tightened the hug and cried out loud.

'Arg! I shouldn’t have said that' Nik cursed himself. “Why don’t you think positively? Since you found me, you are safe, alive, and will continue to be alive. Moreover, I will be helping you with making Drake regret.” He didn’t know whether those words would influence Lil
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