Chapter 11

“I didn’t mean that!” Lily pinched her lips and closed the menu book. Before she rolled her eyes over him, Nik hissed, “Expressions under control.”

“Ah! If this continues, I will sell the ring for food.” She sighed feebly and glanced at the sophisticated people around.

While the two were having a word war, Kai couldn’t tolerate the acting of his boss. Never in his life, he saw Mr. Cooper eating salad. Now suddenly he not only wants to eat healthily but also is asking others to follow that. He was also irritated by Lily and her expressions. It was only half past six and they were already having dinner because of her. And he found her stupid because of her loud expression even for the littlest of the thing.

“Do they have to come here, to eat others?” she whispered as she observed salads, soups, wines, juices, boiled veggies and other healthy stuff around. She sighed and put her neck straight to see an angry face.

“Are you an old lady? What are you whispering to yourself?” Nik slam
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