Chapter 97

Kai knocked on the guest room and entered the room to find Hannah sitting on the floor with her head down. He went near her but sat a few inches away from her. "Here, drink some water."

Hannah silently took the glass and drank.

"Are you fine?"

Hannah nodded. "Is it my mistake to be born into a poor family? Is it my mistake to make friends respective of their status? Do I look like a greedy person?" She muttered in a shivering and sad voice.

"Don't bother about them! Nik and I will take care of them." He said but maintained some distance. He didn't want to make Hannah suffocate and remember her about the incident that she experienced a few minutes ago.

Hannah nodded, sniffing loudly.

"Change your clothes and sleep. We will meet tomorrow. Don't think much. Call me if you need anything!" He said and stood up.

"Do you want your coat?" Hannah raised her wet eyes and looked at him.

"I didn't mean that. You can keep the coat if you want. They tore your clothes. I don't want you to s
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poor Kai...

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