I sniffed my nose at the aroma I was perceiving, my ears were still closed and my stomach rumbling. I jerked up, and two beings were startled by my action. It was my neighbors Jessica and Mirabelle. I looked around not minding their facial expressions and found food wrapped in two plates, I chuckled mischievously, tore opened the plate and started eating. I glanced at them and smirked. Why were their mouths opened in shock, like though they have seen a ghost? Jessica slapped me at the back and I wailed.

"That hurts" I yelled with a mouthful.

"Girl, you scared us to death!" She retorts, but I was concerned about filling my groaning stomach.

"Look at the way she acts like though nothing happened! What a strange girl!" Mirabelle added, pulling her hankie from her bra and cleaned her face. I sniffed again, and this time I could perceive the smell of disinfectant around me. Looking around, I realized I was in a ward.

"What am I doing here" I questioned, gulping some water and these women gazed at me like a ghost once more.

"You haven't woken up for the past three days" Jessica replied with a frown.

"Wow now I guess why am hungry" I exclaimed with a naughty smile and Jessica slapped me at the back again.

"Ash! I'm a grown up now stop treating me like a child!" I protested, and she raised her hands to slap again, I raised my elbow for protection but thank God Mirabelle saved me.

"What were you trying to do? Be a hero when you can't even save yourself?" She barked annoyed. Why didn't she just adopt me as a child or a sister instead of scolding me like a little girl? It was so annoying! Why didn't she have kids yet? I guess they would regret having her as a mom. I pulled a pitiful face as though wanting to cry.

"Am fine so stop worrying" I replied, cleaning my mouth with the back of my palm. Mirabelle stood up and placed her palm on my forehead and shook her head. I was okay, so why was she acting like I wasn't normal? Besides, where was the doctors? I hate being at the hospital and I wanted to go home. I wasn't interested in how I got here because I believed I was rescued before passing out.

"When would I be discharged?" I beckoned and they both scoffed at me.

"Indeed, you are such a weirdo! Aren't you pain or…"

"Am fine" I interrupted Mirabelle and Jessica nodded with annoyance.

"Am sure she has no idea of what happened"

"You made us worried, especially I who had to stay up three days not eating but fasting to the Lord for your safety" Mirabelle recited while I rubbed my ears. Really, does she think I believe that? She doesn't even go to church, neither pray on a normal day. She was only keeping up with my nuisance because of Jessica. I glanced at Jessica and smiled childishly, I trust only her could stay up all night for me. Wasn't she amazing, she never fails to win my heart with such act of hers. Always treating like an elder sister would do.

"Am just amazed where all the food she eats is being stored" Jessica teased, picking up the cramps that fell from my mouth on the bed. I suddenly hugged her because she stood beside my bed. I rested my head on her tummy and folded my lips, since I was still sitting on my bed.

"Am sorry okay! Stop staying angry at me" I pleaded with a sober tone. I knew why I said that, certainly because she would help me gain my new job back. While they spoke about me, I was just in thoughts on how I would gain my new job back, and then I thought of Jessica, since her cousin was the principal, she would know how to defend me after all, I was involved in an accident. It's good to have friends with connections, though.

"But you didn't apologize to me" Mirabelle snapped, and I glared at her.

"Let's head home since the madam says she's fine, right?" Jessica affirmed and I chuckled with excitement.

On my arrival home, I was welcomed by my neighbors, some held balloons while other meals and letters of good word. Indeed, they were my world, and we all treated each other like families.

"My dear, hope you're fine" granny asked. She was the elderest here and was well respected.

"Yes of course, your girl is a fighter" I assured and everyone applauded me.

"I heard what Mrs mirabelle said that you rescued everyone like a superwoman" Anthony exclaimed. He was the youngest in this building and loved gossip, why wasn't he a girl since he acted like one.

"Kind of" I replied and everyone applauded again. It was like the whole press media was here to interview me.

"That's enough of questions, everyone… She needs rest" Jessica ordered and dragged me to my house while the rest dropped their gifts at my doorstep. What a day, right? Only that Jessica would ruin it by ordering me to sleep instead of chatting on my phone. She never believed I was fine when I said so because of the day I fainted a week after coming home from doctor smart's laboratory. That was a long story which I still remembered, though, turning up as a volunteer. Well, I was perfectly fine only that I didn't show up for the check-up that was required of me, I guess that's why I passed out claiming I was fine.

"That's enough of thinking…"

"Go to bed" I chorused with her and switched off my lights.

"Good night Jessica" I beckoned, and she waved at me as she left and as for me, I peeped if she had gone and brought out my phone for my daily chores"chatting". I hopped from my bed and began to check the gifts my neighbors gave to me, they were adorable. Wow. Everyone wants to be on my good books, but I think it would be a bit too late soon because I was planning something else if this job doesn't work out to my liking.

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