Chapter Seventy-Five - Feylech

They were an unlikely trio united in a common cause. Rufus reckoned Jens was the only chivalrous one among them yet both he and the enigmatic Frankian had chosen to depart on this mission. Fuck, he was even thinking like him now! Once he returned to the centre of Ormond, his rough edges made smooth like his new way of speaking, he could probably take his pick.

Well, there was only one woman for him. Even if she told him she didn’t love him, he would offer his protection. Megan had scars which she didn’t permit everyone to see. Let someone else spy for Xander, if necessary. Maybe he would apply for the position.

The sudden bubble up of mirth from nowhere had him almost falling back off the bench in the alehouse yet he wasn’t drunk, far from it. Let them think it. He didn’t owe anyone an explanation.

Jens was eyeing him curiously. He didn’t sense disdain and Norsemen were notorious for not keeping anything back.

“Something you want to say?” he asked, unintentionally making it into a cha
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