Chapter Eighty - Repercussions

The lightning strike had done all the damage, and now Prince Connor Mac Neill lay dying in tremendous pain, one of his legs crushed beneath a fall of rocks. Despite what he had done, turning on them like that, Eithne saw to his comfort, staying with him until the end.

Finn was devastated and Ava was nestled in his arms, sobbing openly. That was what death did, it made you remember the good times. In most cases.

Though she tried her best, she could not find it in her to mourn her mother, the despised lover and the fake brother.

It was an act of God. She would see to it they had a decent burial and that was all.

King Ephron seemed to be recovering, as if disaster was making a man of him whereas the ability to do as he pleased had not. Genevieve may have had something to do with that. If he was enamoured that was his affair. Eithne knew Xander’s sister would never consent to be his.

They were for Beeveland soon and she was looking forward to seeing the country of his birth. The conqueror
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