Chapter 78: Consequences of His Actions.


He moved on auto-pilot, tracing Maria to his room, then tracing to meet Edgar outside.

When he'd seen Edgar's text, he'd only been able to think about two things; getting Maria to safety—as far away from whatever was happening as possible—and hurrying to meet Edgar.

From the tone of his message, this was urgent and therefore should be treated as such. This was the message he'd sent:

Edgar: Something is happening downtown and it demands your attention. We're outside the castle.

The reason why Bran kept his phone on him always, was because of times like this. When he was far away from the easy reach of messengers and it could take them a while to get to him. He didn't have much use for the phone—apart from when he wanted to send texts or make important calls—but having it on him always, had proved helpful more times than he could count.

Like now.


Utter chaos.

That was what Bran met in the yard of his castle and he had never been more thankful that his room didn't have a
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Anya Ivy
It can't be pretty
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Nikki Hayes
Oooo, I am looking forward to seeing what happens with this.

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