Chapter 321

Sofia’s pov

I sat back on my knees with the grin still playing across my face as I spoke. “Hi Luca.”

He grinned down at me and shook his head a little, and I watched as he wrapped his hand around his hard, gleaming dick and stroked it a little.

“Who’s a bad girl?” He murmured in that deep, vibration filled voice of his and I felt a deep shudder ran down my spine as I kept staring up at him, completely entranced by how ridiculously hot he looked right now. His hair fell into his face in such a sexy way, coupled with how his eyes were reduced to half masts.

I slide my tongue over my lips as I spoke. “Me?”

“Damn right, that’s you.” He groaned out as he stroked his dick once again and I let out a tiny whimper when I kept staring at his dick being stroked firmly. He threw his head back and let out a low groan when I leaned forward to slide my tongue over the leaking tip of his dick. I pulled away and decided to slide my tongue over every part of his balls which made him let out a curs
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