4. Kate

The next morning came with blinding sunshine and the realisation I needed to return the leather jacket. Return it without willingly falling into his bed to be more precise. .

Yet here I am, dreaming of smoky bonfires and what grabbing a fistful of that curly black hair towards my face would feel like. What was that black edged tattoo an image of?

"You ready to go?" Roxie called over from the bathroom, wearing neon cut-out sportswear. Shorts and sneakers sufficed for me. It wasn't a fashion show; the first day was going to be our first exam followed by a midday hike through somewhere hellish.

“How are you feeling about the exam?” I called out.

“It’s about your morals not intelligence isn’t it? I’m worried they’re going to find out I’m a massive bitch!” she joked, making me howl.

“Can you imagine if the scores came back and we are like just awful, appalling people,” I giggled, then groaned “and then there’s the team hike to survive. I’d rather do exams.”

"You know the hike is a teamwork thing, not strength?"

"Well then, I'll just follow your lead, my social skills queen," Roxie replied sarcastically, killing the happy mood.

As we left I grabbed my mother's pendant from my wooden bedside table. A fiery amber opal on a long gold chain. I guess I want to feel someone is on my side today, even if it's just in spirit.

The exam was so tough. How do you treat a dying rogue wolf that's clearly been fighting? Is love a hindrance or help to political success? Awful.

Roxie must have felt even worse about it because waiting in the long line for the transport buses for the hike she was clearly seething. Arms crossed, leaning against a tree trunk away from the others.

Letting her cool off, I chatted with Cherry, Matt and Felix, two brunette twins with piercing green eyes. Tanned and muscular, showing off their physiques in white vest tops and baggy shorts, we jokingly compared our exam answers, sheltering from the heat underneath a huge wooden pagoda of flowering fuchsia flowers.

The scattered conversations down the line slowly reduced to silence. I turned around and my heart skipped, Alpha Dex.. That Alpha magnetism, drawing you in helplessly. I wasn’t giving the satisfaction of my own hungry gaze even though my wolf howled in frustration.

I was holding my breath. He was attractive, but so cocky. He knew everyone was taking him in. He probably timed his walk for this very moment. Still, he looked damn good from the little glimpse I got. A white t shirt with a deep v-shape showing his well-defined chest, hinting at the abs that lay beneath.

All that was missing was the leather jacket, gulping as I remember leaving it on my bed this morning.

I didn’t lift my eyes until I heard his feet clipping around the corner and vanished.

"So you said you wouldn't help the dying rogue?" trying to restart my conversation with Cherry but her mouth was hanging open. "Kate? Don't tell me you missed him staring right at you?"

"What? No he didn't."

"He looked straight at you, yep," Felix agreed, nudging me with his elbow. He gave me a broad, white-toothed smile and folded his thick arms across his chest.

Blushing I tucked my hair behind my ear, "I kind of stole his jacket. He's probably just pissed I haven't returned it."

"Well your friend gave a full pouting pose and he didn't flinch," Matt chipped in, nodding towards Roxie as my heart sank. Shit.

Before I could say anything the clanking grey bus arrived and we scrummaged for seats. The whole journey I was trying to catch her eye.

/We can't help it if he looked at us/ Raya complained.

Finally we were abandoned in the middle of nowhere. Just rocky cliffs, dusty scrubland and scorched trees. Roxie and I paired with Felix. Armed with a map he happily took command and began navigating.

I rolled my eyes at Roxie, trying to make her smile at his typical male ego. Instead she ignored me and flirted up a storm. Grabbing at his hand to cross rocky parts, using his bare shoulders to steady herself, squealing in pretend fear.

I let it be, it's just how she works. However when it turns out Felix is useless at reading a map we’re lost and exhausted.

"Roxie can you climb up there and tell me what you see?"

"Fine boss," she shouted back, scrabbling up a collection of jagged boulders and disappearing out of sight.

"Is Roxie okay?"

"Yeah she will be fine, she's a fantastic rock climber she can do anything like that-"

"No I mean she's being off with you. Aren’t you best friends?"

"Oh, no… it's just a lot you know. New start, new people. She's amazing when you get to know her. We've been best friends since toddlers."

Felix looked up at me as I twisted the map around searching for bearings. "Fair point, so, the really big question…why was Alpha Dex looking at you so much then?"

I sighed, "it's really not a big deal, I was stuck in the rain with him and ended up taking his jacket to keep my books dry. That's literally it."

He laughed and leaned back onto the log. "I doubt he's ever had a woman turn him down before. ," as his green eyes met mine with a twinkle.

There was no rush of desire, no stomach curling longing and heat like Dex had produced. Felix was just…nice. Which means we can be friends.

"I wonder where she is?" I said deflecting his attention. "ROXIE!" I shouted up into the wilderness, getting nothing back but silence and the rustling breeze.

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