9. Kate

“Rhett,” Dex said steadily, his eyes fixed on his shaggy-blonde Beta. It was only under his unimpressed gaze that I realised the pair of us probably looked rather too cosy. Hidden away, leaning together on the little bit of space between the speaker boxes chatting and laughing.

/Not that it was any of his business/ Raya huffily pointed out.

“Alpha Dex, enjoying the band?” Rhett said happily, ignoring his Alpha’s tense demeanour as he hauled himself back up to standing, remaining close to me. “Have you met Kate?” offering me a hand to stand upright. As I took his sandpaper hand the sensation felt insignificant when compared to the heat of Dex’s gaze burning through me.

Why am I so flustered? Alpha Dex, who has done little more than whisper at me, who didn't even know my name before now. Why is he looking at me like I’ve done something wrong?

“We’ve met already,” he replied, his dark eyes not leaving my face as he answered. There was a steeliness to him, not a relaxed party mood. He was
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