Chapter 12


Jason waltzes into the kitchen and gasps. "Are you making homemade chocolates?"

I'm wearing a pink apron and mixing brown stuff—what else would I be making?! There are forms on the table!

"Dude, are you blind? Because it ain't fucking dog shit I'm melting and mixing on the stove."

Jason slowly blinks, and I wonder if he is hungover or has an itchy eye or something.

"Are they... For a girl?"

I continue stirring. "Uh, yes? I'm sure as hell not giving these to you or anyone else on the football team."

"Huh," Jason smiles like the dumb, tall idiot he is. "I'm happy for you. You and Michelle are finally dating—it was about damn time."

I almost choke and spit out the water I'm drinking. "Dating?! We ain't dating! We are friends."

"Wait. You're making homemade chocolates for a friend... Who is a girl... And you're not dating?"

"Yes, and yes," I shake my head at Jason. I don't understand his deal or why he is staring at me. "When did you become such a detective? I read that g
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