Unexpected rebound.

Unexpected rebound.

By:  Godwin Hosanna Aga  Completed
Language: English
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Jade Parker is an average girl from Tennessee who is head over heels for Chris Bellamy AKA Mr honey brown eyes. Suddenly, he takes interest in her and they begin to date, but Jade finds out about a secret that shatters their relationship. In order to be happy again, she gets a rebound that takes a very drastic turn. After finally finding true love, she is faced with another problem-A stalker.

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151 Chapters
Chapter 1
Standing in front of my medium sized mirror with my brush in my hand, I made an odd pose that matched the odd smile I managed to squeeze in and pretended it was a microphone."Good morning, America! It is your favourite newscaster, Jade Parker coming to you live from A--""Jade, hurry up!" My twit of a brother, Cameron interrupted. His furious knocks on the door seemed to vibrate through the bathroom walls. "Jade, I swear, if you make me late for biology class, I'm whooping your ass."I rolled my eyes and quietly chuckled to my reflection in the bathroom mirror. My brother really was a character. He reminded me so much of that annoying kid, Stewie in the Family Guy Tv Show.When the loud knocks continued, I placed my brush on the basin and frowned at my reflection."Sheesh, Cammie, I'm coming! Why don't you just bang down the door already?" I questioned, my gaze moving to the white door in
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Chapter 2
I groaned when I felt the rays of sunlight drilling holes into my face. My eyes peeled open and saw Maya pulling my blue curtains open. "Maya, why?" I grumbled, turning to face my room door and putting a tiger stripped pilllow over my face."Get your ass off the damn bed, fool." She yanked the pillow from my face and laid beside me. "It's a beautiful saturday morning.""Go away." I spat, slightly irritated by my best friend's act. I hated it whenever people disturbed my sleep. "Do I come to your house this early to disturb your sleep?""Get up!" She tapped my shoulders, getting on my nerves. "Nine o'clock isn't early or is twelve pm your eight am?"I grunted in response and laid on my stomach with my eyes closed, slowly drifting into sleep."Guys!" The voice of Jason interrupted my sleep, causing me to murmur cuss words underneath my breath. "I have something juicy to say."He jumped on my body, almost breaking my bones.
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Chapter 3
"Can I have my wrist back?" I stared down at her hand that softly clutched my wrist like a bracelet and she released me.I carried my plate and averted my gaze to Cameron who was silent throughout the entire conversation that I forgot he was even present. I gave him a small nod and my eyes fell on my mother once more."I'll be in my room." I croaked, fighting back the welled up tears in my eyes.After washing my plate, I heaved a sigh of relief when I got into the warm place I called my room. With my back plastered on the already closed door, I rested the back of my head with my eyes shut.Slowly, a tear trickled down my left cheek and another followed it's path. I couldn't hold it in anymore. It felt like my body was being weighed down by a grand piano, making me feel helpless."No..." Maya said softly and my ears picked up the sound of her light footsteps towards where I stood. "Don't do
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Chapter 4
"Hey, its a message from Jay," I said to Maya who was blabing some stuffs about Cameron. I picked up my phone and opened Jay's message.Jay: Y'all done yet? I just made a turn for your street. Be there in three minutes. Get your butts out. "He wants us to meet him outside." I cut Maya off her love story talk and slipped my phone into my purse."Oh, okay." She sounded disappointed and I felt a little bad, but Cameron was my brother and I didn't want to hear talks about how she wanted to devour his lips.We walked hand in hand out of my room and we met Cameron on his way to my room."Jade have you seen my-" he stopped in his tracks, scanning Maya from head to toe. "My-wow," he said with a stupid grin on his face. "You look beautiful.""Have I seen y-your wow? And yeah I know that I'm pretty thank you," I snapped."I wasn't talking
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Chapter 5
I made my way up to look for a room to wear my swim suit. I pushed a room door open and saw two hormonal teens. I mean, her naked body was on top him. The girl pulled out immediately and rolled over.My eyes widened in shock."Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, I had no idea-"The dude cut me off, "Who the fuck are you?" He threw stare daggers at me."I'm so sorry, " I apologized with a hand over my mouth, suppressing a laugh."Well, what are you still doing? Just fuck out!" The blond headed girl scowled, causing me to close the door. I clutched my stomach and laughed so hard. My eyes burned from what I saw. What a disturbing image.On reaching another, I pushed it slowly to take a peek so I wouldn't badge into another guy jamming the insides of a girl."Eureka!" I exclaimed when I found me an empty room.The room was neat and smelt like airwick. I
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Chapter 6
I crawled out of the pool, leaving Maya, Bellamy and Cam behind. I felt like falling, everything was shaking, it seemed like the world around me was falling apart, oh my gosh! It was happening, it was an earth quake!My goodness, Jade why? How could you? Why did I even take the whiskey in the first place?"Maya! Maya!!" I screamed. "Get your ass out of that pool, run for your lives everyone. It's an earth quake!"I felt someone grab me from behind. "What? Let me go, I can run on my own." I struggled."Calm down, its Maya. what is wrong with you? Don't be such a fool, you are making an ugly scene here." She stated and I leaned on her."An earthquake, I'm serious!""Bitch, pull yourself together, you only took three shots, just three and you are already loosing your nuts." She rolled her eyes and held me.I smiled like a psycho. "What about balls? You're alr
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Chapter 7
"Jade!" Somebody yelled with a horrified voice.I craned my neck over the horny boys that wanted to see me naked so I could see who was yelling my name."What the hell are you doing?" Maya came into sight and pulled me down from the table.******************My eyes popped open when I felt someone shifting on my bed. I turned around and saw Maya stretching. My head was on Jason's shoulder who also stretched by lifting his hand up."Hey! Who asked you to stretch? Disturbing my comfort??" I groaned, burying my face into my pillow, protecting my precious eyes from the evil light cascading into my room."I am not your personal pillow ass hole." He scoffed."What evs!" I blurted, while standing up.My head ached badly, it felt like I was being pounded on the head with a stone. Suddenly, I realised we were in my room and memories of how we got h
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Chapter 8
Grrrrrrr! My alarm went off. I stretched my hand to put off the alarm."Morning already? Oh why do i have to go to school?" I questioned my self, while rubbing my eyes. "Just one more minute." I laid back on my bed and dozed off.My mom called out to me, but I couldn't answer because I was asleep.Cameron walked into my room and groaned at the image of me on the bed. "C'mon Jade, don't tell me you haven't hit the shower. Any way mom said I should ask you to get your lazy ass off the bed.""You don't badge into people's rooms like that. What if I was naked?" I asked, while covering my face with a pillow."I would have just puked on the floor." He snapped.He walked to my bed and dragged my blanket off of me, making me to curl like a kitten. He pulled me from my bed and I fell on my stomach."Leave me alone, I'm up already!" I screamed, whil
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Chapter 9
"Are you okay?" Bellamy asked, making his way to my front."I'm fine." I took the other route and escaped from him.I stopped in front of the class door and took in a deep breath. Immediately I stepped into the class, my eyes caught Tristan standing and chit chatting with his guy friends and our eyes meet.Tristan was talking with really cute blue eyes and funny elf like ears. Tristan's voice was not that deep, it kind of sounded cool for a scum bag like him. Tristan played basketball for the school, same as Bellamy.He was wearing a black shirt and blue jeans. What a coincidence. My mind spoke, referring to our matching outfits. Timberland shoes graced his feet.He smiled at me, but I scrunched up my face. He did the most unthinkable thing and shouted, "Hey, everybody earth quake is in class!" they all turned to my direction and guffawed. I groan and rolled my eyes in response.
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Chapter 10
I strolled into creative arts class and instantly felt like I was being watched. My eyes searched the room and landed on Andre. He winked at me and I heaved a sigh, gluing my butt to my usual seat. The one beside the window.There I was, thinking of what to send to Bellamy.Should I send hi handsome orHey it's me. Your favorite weirdo that goes dumb when ever she sees you or should I send hi Bellamy, I have a huge crush on you.Or hi,its Jade I-"Is this seat taken?" I heard a familiar voice, cutting my thoughts off.Hey, I know that voice.I raised my head and saw Bellamy. "Uh-Uhm no. Wait,what are you doing here?" I asked stupidly."We have creative arts together, remember?" He smiled.I remembered any time Mr Todd was pairing us in twos for a project, I always prayed to he paired with Bellamy. How could I forget such. The
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