Chapter 130


"I want some of these..." I pick up a package with lemon muffins and throw it into the cart. My stomach rumbles, approving of the cravings already, and Zane laughs at me.

"Is the monster satisfied?"

I blow a raspberry, and Zane throws his head back, but he doesn't allow himself to give a full belly laugh. Regardless, his lips strain, and his beautiful laugh lines show.

I'm mesmerized.

Little bubbles of joy float in my chest. Zane makes me happy. Especially when he said he would take me to the store. He has to wear a baseball cap to keep a low profile, though.

"Thank you for taking me here. I've had cravings all day," my eyes go to the cart filled with sweet things, but there are also vegetables. It's the only snack Zane allows himself to eat.

"Aw, no problem," Zane messes up my hair with his big hand. "I needed to get some dip and veggies myself."

"It hardly counts as snacks, though."

He grins and lifts his shirt to reveal his bronzed, beautiful abs. They stare me

Don't forget to check out "A virgin for the player" I'm trying to update that daily too. Sometimes my imagination gets stuck, and I have to switch books.

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goodnovel comment avatar
Updates are back tomorrow. I'm trying to flesh out more chapters of "a virgin for the player" today ^^
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Benita Giacherio
wish he would have thought to say something to the cashier.... like asking her to reprint the receipt and not put her number on this one.
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Queen Harley
Yay I love both so far my new favorites

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