Thrown to the Wolves.

Thrown to the Wolves.

Oleh:  Cendrillon1996  Tamat
Bahasa: English
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The wolves are out of the bag, but they aren't the only supernatural out there, they might make their presence public, but the vampires didn't. Mini is just a normal vampire until her mother tells her that she's a mix, she's thrown into the wolf to learn to control her wolf half, and maybe meet the other part of her family, including a hot step-brother. Watch her getting used to her wolf half, including the new family, the new school where all wolves head to find their mates, including them. This story is CGL, fluff, and cute! Appologies for any misspelling or grammar mistakes.

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Are there other titles that come before this one? I'd love to read them too.
2023-05-16 05:08:33
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Millie POV. "Say it again," I say looking at my own mother like a lost puppy, which is very weird, the thing she just told me is very similar to me being a freaking puppy. "Keep up Millie, I had an affair," mom says again in her unapologetic voice, she didn't really feel sorry for what she did. "So what does that make me?" I ask her still confused."That makes you a bastard Millie," mom says in her not-so-nice voice, the one she uses when she's not feeling very comfortable with the chat anymore. "Mom, don't say that," I whined, I don't like being called that, it's very not nice. "Fine, fine, that makes you not Michael's daughter," she says with a shrug. "Then who's my father?" I ask her confused, I was raised in this house, I called Michael's dad for all my life, and right now she's telling me I'm not one. "We'll get to that," she says with a move of her hand, right, 'cause there are other things that are more important than who my real father is. "There's more?" I ask her wit
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Millie POV. "Millie, Millie, for god's sake wake up brat!" mom says, did she just call me brat, how nice of her, so freaking nice. "Mom, be nice," I remind her, she always needs to be reminded to be nice to me, since she's never nice. "I'm being nice, I haven't kicked you out yet," she says and I just growl at her, not nice, not nice at all. "Mom, are you for real?" I ask her sitting up and looking at her, she moved me to my bed, a big move from my mom, she didn't leave me on the floor. "Well it happens," mom says with a shrug, she messes up and now I have to survive her decision, and she's not even being nice about it. "Mom, what does this mean to me?" I ask her, would I change to a wolf again? Or did I really change, to begin with? I love my mother, but she's a hoe who can't be trusted most days. "It means you're a mix of wolf and vampire, best of both worlds, you're one of the strongest ones out there," mom says trying to make it up for me, but she's not doing that good of a
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Millie POV. "I called him," mom says all proud of herself, it's a great thing to be proud about, I think to myself with sarcasm. "Is he coming?" Dad, I mean Michael asks, he's my dad, I don't have another dad, the other one is simply my sperm donor. "He said if you promise not to kill him on sight," mom says and dad just growls, vampire growls are even scarier than wolf growls. "Then plan B it is, Millie, Ethan is sending someone to pick you up," she says and my eyes went all wide, he's sending someone for me? What if I don't like it there, what if he forces me to stay, what if I wanted to leave?"Tell him I'll drop her there tomorrow, and my baby is keeping her phone, she can text me anytime she wants to leave and I'll go pick her up," dad says making me smile, at least he has my back. "Mimi," mom calls me, looking at me with her big wide eyes, does she want me to send a gift to her old lover? Or wants some saving of dad's wrath? "Yes? Mother, are you even my mother?" I ask her
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Roman POV. "You're spoiling her," I say looking at my cousin and the way he's cuddling with his little pup, I can't believe an alpha like Raphael would cuddle a little like this, and it's not the worse part even, it's when he played peekaboo with her for over an hour. She's a wolf, she's his mate, and she should know and smell when he's around and when he's not, but with how spoiled the girl is and how low her grades were in the academy, I doubt she learned anything from her classes. "She's a baby, she wants to play and sleep, what else do you expect?" Raphael asks me in a firm voice, sure I deserve the firm tone, but when it comes to his little brat, it's baby talk, which is extremely funny, if I wasn't scared for my life and the fact that he'd skin me alive for it, I would have dared to make fun of him. But I don't have a death wish, not today at least, but maybe tomorrow, I'm just going to poke him a little bit. "Nothing sweet big wolfie, you're so cute, do you need your paci?"
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Roman POV. Since I'm so bored, let me tell you a story about me, the story of how I came to live with my father, Ethan Black, a big badass wolf. Back when I was a puppy, just as small as Aurora is right now, I used to live in a pack with my mother and father, just like everyone else, but then our pack was attacked, it's not so uncommon, but fights happen between packs, between wolf and humans, it happens. But this attack wasn't like any other attack, this one was different, we were attacked by vampires, the hate between the two species is real, we don't stand each other, we don't like each other, and we love to kill each other. Twilight is a very minor demonstration of the hate, we don't have treaty lines, instead, we have killed on sight policy, and the closest thing to a treaty we have is being allowed near us long enough before you are dead. That's what my real father taught me, I might have been tiny, I might have been young, but I knew I shouldn't like vampires, I knew they we
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Millie POV. "Dad you coming?" I ask him hoping he'd get out with me, he'd spend some time with me. "No, good luck baby girl, call me," dad says going off, leaving me out alone in front of the random house. I took a step forward, and then took a step back, should I go in? Wait for my dad to come and get me, the only thing I know about him is that his name is Ethan, and that's about it. "Ahh! Run," a girl with black hair and blue eyes says coming running toward me, I looked at her confused, does she need saving? Why is she running? "Aurora, I'm not playing anymore, I swear this time, you're going to get it!" a guy yell after her, the guy was huge compared to me, I know I'm small in size, but I'm not that small, or so I thought until we two met. I took a step back seeing this guy, I was terrified of him, and I want to go back home, this isn't my place, I don't want to be a wolf anymore, I'm better off being a vampire. "Hello," the guy says stopping in front of me, a guy with brown
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Millie POV. "Ready to go meet the family?" he asks me and I nod, turns out Ethan isn't so bad after all. "Sure," I say feeling shy all of the sudden, being along with my father isn't the worse thing, but meeting others, I'm not sure how excited I'm about that. "It's me, but you know that already, I got a son, well an adoptive son, his name is Roman you'll meet him in a bit, and my nephews, Raphael and his mate Aurora, you met them, and finally there are the twins but they are off in the puppies academy," he says."The academy is for real?" I ask him, I know I watched the ad, and I saw those and I heard about the academy, but I didn't know if it was for real or not."Of course, it is, what did you think? We lie to people?" he asks me and I chuckled, maybe!"Maybeee...I'm not sure if you lying or not," I say honestly. "We're not, and I won't lie to you, I'll never lie to my own daughter," Ethan says, he's taking his father's role very seriously. "Okay, thank you," I say not really
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Roman POV. I decided to get my sister a gift, she's my father's daughter, and might not be connected by blood, but we're still connected and I wanted her to know I'm no threat to her relationship with dad, that I'll be there for her. I went to town, as an excuse to get away from the house and to get her a gift, I love Raphael and Aurora, but they are everything I wished to have but don't have, and with how they act around each other, it gets annoying after a while.I got my new sister a gift, a whole basket of gifts, it had chocolate, pretzels, flower, and a teddy bear, I wasn't sure how old she is and what to get her, so I decided to get a little bit of everything, hoping some of them she'd like them or at least one of them. I drove back to the house and saw dad's car, just how fast did he drive to get over here, I was really sure he broke a lot of traffic laws and would be receiving a ticket or ten."Dad," I called out, hoping to meet the new sister, he came down the stairs with h
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Millie POV. "Where did he go?" I say feeling hurt that my new brother left like this, why did he leave? "Nothing to worry about, Raph, follow him and bring him back," Ethan says to the other guy. "What if he?" Raphael says with a shrug. "Then drag him back in, screaming and crying if you have to," Ethan says making Raphael laugh."Can you keep my little company?" Raphael says pointing to his little girl, who was holding onto his arm like a koala. "Of course, she and Millie can play together," he suggest making me blush, I'm not a little, or well I don't think I'm, I want to be an adult and to be treated like one."Come on Rory, come spend some time with uncle Ethan," Ethan says offering her an arm but she refused to let go of Raphael's hand. "Puppy, behave," Raphael scolds her. "Nu wanna," Aurora whines."Come on Aurora, you can show me around," I say trying to get her to let him go, she looked at me and gave me the biggest smile ever, her blue eyes were now shining with happin
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Millie POV. "Mini, sweetie, wake up," I heard Roman say waking me, I sat up in the bed and looked at him with a smile, and he smiled back, leaving me to get up and ready for the day on my own. "Are you ready to go down for dinner?" Roman asks and I just nod yes."Do you eat meat? Because Rory didn't use to eat meat but now her favourite dish is steak," he says making me chuckle, she can't be a vegetarian wolf, it's worse than being a vegetarian vampire, I can't survive on beetroot blood, it's not enough to keep me alive. "I eat meat," I assure him, I eat most things. "Good, now let's go eat," he says offering me a hand, I took it without a second thought. "Mini, maybe you should change out of your outfit, superstar," he says pointing to my cheerleader costume."Right," I say remembering I still had that one on, I took it off and changed it for some casual comfy clothes for dinner, Roman didn't offer me a hand this time while I really wanted him to hold my hand as we walked toward
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