Chapter 6 Who Did Abraham Tell?

"Morning, Brother! Are you running in the morning?" Brandy answered Abraham's greeting warmly.

Kevin Abraham, the man who once stayed in my heart nodded.

The sports clothes he wore couldn't hide the valor he had. 

What Brandy said the other day was true. These two brothers are very handsome. I'm sure, everyone who saw it would think the same as me. 

Their charm brings women to their knees. How lucky I was to get Brandy. 

But I can't deny that Kevin Abraham is also a man who is no less interesting.

Something I really didn't expect to happen. The two brothers decided to sit together. Of course I'm among them.

"It's fun when someone accompanies you," said Abraham, smiling wryly.

"You're right, Brother. Patience. It won't be long before my brother will also follow," said Brandy.

Abraham looked wry.

"Yes fate, who knows," he said.

"Why are you talking about destiny, Sis? Get to know us too. Let us get to know each other. By the way, our future brother-in-law is also from the same city as you, my dear. From Yogyakarta" Brandy turned to me.

"Oh yeah?" I was taken aback.

I can't deny that I feel nervous being between these two charming-looking brothers. 

Especially towards Abraham, for some reason I felt uncomfortable being around him. I wanted to hurry to get out of the way, but I didn't like to Brandy.

Several times I gave a code to Brandy to leave immediately, but Brandy didn't seem to be sensitive.

"I actually meant to introduce him to our family in the near future. Introducing her to my family at your wedding." Abraham began to tell the story with dreamy eyes.

"Then why didn't you bring your lover to my and Mera's wedding? We're curious though. She must be beautiful and charming like my sister often told me." Brandy said.

Hearing his brother's words, Abraham smiled bitterly.

"Of course she's very pretty, Brandy. She is the only woman who can capture my heart to the deepest recess. She was the first woman who became the only woman in my heart. I've never loved a woman more than her," Abraham said.

I silently listened to the conversation of the two brothers.

"I'm sure your choice will not be wrong. After all, you have a handsome and independent. I admit that I lost to you. That way I make sure, your choice of heart must be extraordinary. About beauty, I have no doubt. I know how you taste."

"But my taste is no less interesting. Look at my wife, she's very beautiful isn't she?" Brandy pinched my chin excitedly.

Abraham laughed lightly at Brandy's praise of me.   

"You're not wrong Brandy. Mera is beautiful. Your taste is not low. Whereas before, I never thought that you would be able to attract a girl like Mera. Haha... You are indeed great, my brother."

Abraham patted his brother's shoulder. Brandy is smiling.

"Who was the older brother? Ha... haa…!"

"You know, Mera, every time Abraham comes home, the story doesn't go far from the woman he adores. But when asked to introduce, surely the answer will be a surprise. To the point where I was curious about it. Crazy brother," Brandy muttered.

"Looks like you really have to quickly introduce the woman you've been proud of, Abraham. Right, Mera?" Brandy turned to me. 

I spontaneously nodded.

Abraham took a deep breath and then exhaled slowly. It was as if there was a heavy weight in his breath.

"I can't seem to introduce the girl to you guys." Abraham answered blankly.

"Why, why?" Brandy narrowed his eyes.

"Because that woman has been married to another man."

Degh …

My heart is beating 


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