Chapter 9 Abraham's Blind Love 


"Just kill me, Abraham! You evil! There's no point in me living anymore. It's no use anymore. I just want to die." tears welled up in my eyes.

Suddenly Abraham hugged me.

 "I'm sorry, Mera. Sorry. Wipe your tears! I am sorry. Very sorry. You know Mera, I do this because I love you. You know who I told you guys about in the park this morning? It's you. You're making me crazy, Mera. You left me for Brandy."

It feels like now what he's talking about is bullshit. I'm disgusted to hear that.

My guilt towards Brandy grew. Shame hovered in my mind. This body, this body is disgusting.

Quickly I picked up a glass on the bedside table, and threw it at Abraham.

Brakk …!

The glass broke into pieces. Blood dripped from Abraham's forehead. I don't care. Even if he dies, I still don't care.

"Mera, I will go now. But remember! I do this because I love you. I'm sorry if my actions this time hurt you. I promise I won't do it again,"

Suddenly my eyes fell on the glass I had tossed at Abraham. I think it was after drinking water from the glass that my body experienced an unnatural reaction.

Gosh, did my passion have anything to do with the drinking water in the glass. God damn it! Who did it?

 "Wait ...!"

I chased Abraham who was almost out the door, and pulled him roughly.

"You must have put aphrodisiacs in my drinking water, right?" My breath heaved up and down.

"Yes, you're right! "the man replied aloud.

Plak ...!

 A slap was thrown in his face.

His handsome face was red.

"Slap my left cheek too!" Abraham thrust his left cheek.

Plak ...!

The palm of my hand again drifted to the cheek he was thrusting.

"What else do you want to do to me? Just do it. I will not fight, Mera," said Abraham.

"I'll kill you!" I said clenching my fists.

"Then kill it! It's better for me to die, rather than having to hide the disappointment that you scratched in my heart, Mera."

I put my fist to his chest.

"Akh…!” Abraham complained while holding his chest.

I put my fist on his shoulder again.

Abraham grimaced.

Again I attacked him blindly.

This time I hit him in the face. Again the blow made Abraham wince in pain.

Yet even so, there wasn’t the slightest bit of resistance he did to me.

It took me long enough to attack him until my hand was in pain.

"Have you had enough?" he asked.

"Even if you die, I haven't had enough," I replied.

"Then just do what you think is appropriate to repay my behavior. Do you really not want to see my face again?"

"Yes, you're true!"

"Alright then, I'll take care of the overseas move. But you have to remember, Mera. Time, place and distance, can't be a limit that blocks my love for you."

"You're blind, Abraham."

Suddenly Abraham caught both of my hands. His eyes stare at me.

 "Yes I am blind, Mera. I was blind because of you. I'm already crazy, crazy because of you," he said with sharp but dewy eyes.

"Think sanely, Abraham! Can't you see that I'm your sister-in-law?" I said in a panic.

"You are my sister-in-law. But you rule this heart, Mera," he said in a restrained tone.

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