Preface Book 2

You thought that was the end, here's a new beginning of a whole twisted story of "The One That Got Away!!"

It all started when a man fell in love with a woman and asked her to marry him after a year or two of being with each other. But that woman found out the truth about that man, that he had a whole wife and kids on the side. Or would she be on the side.

As the woman had left the man, later on she found out she was pregnant with a little girl. At first she wanted nothing with that little girl, she wanted to get rid of her until the day she was born. She fell in love with that little girl and decided to keep her and name her after the one that helped her get away.

Cynthia, was her name.

Throughout the past 5 years, Carrie took care of her little Cynthia Rose, all on her own, with no one to help her. Not even the father of her child. Nor her parents.

But as time was coming along, so was her troubles with her little Rose. First it was the walking, then the t
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