Author's Notes!!!!

As much as I'm loving this book, I think I'm gonna end the 2nd half of the story and write a new one. A 3rd part to it.

Don't worry, Cynthia or Rosey is still gonna be the lead female in this part of the book. With the help of someone else. Can y'all guess who will it be? If no, you'll have to find out by reading more of the story.

But thank you all so so so much, for sticking around with this book. Old or new. I know its taking awhile for me to update it but once I get more ideas for it I add it in a chapter. I have so much for this book, I just don't want it to end until the right time. And hopefully when that timing does come, it will be perfect with a happy ending. Or close to a good ending. Cross our fingers, especially to see how this book goes.

If anyone have any ideas for up coming events or chapters please comment. Thank you and god bless.
Heather Reed

Please forgive me!!!

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