Chapter 11 - Stranger, Chocolates and rogues??

I was sitting on the tree and watching over the borders carefully when I received Layla's call.

"Hey bitch" he told me as soon I received the call... {I still don't understand why she calls me bitch when in reality she is really a bitch}

"Are you coming for the mate ball?" I asked her in hope, and when she didn't reply to me for a few seconds, I knew that she was not coming.

"The alpha king is attending the mate ball, so Ellon and I have to stay here" I took a deep breath "we will come to meet you soon, addy," she told me, and I nodded.

"It's alright, Layla, I just wanted to share something with you" I have not told them about my nightmares or my senses.

"Is there something wrong, addy?" she asked me in concern, and I heard Ellon's muffled voice from behind asking her whom is she talking with.

"Everything alright, Layla, not something significant. How's Ellon?" I asked her.

"He is awesome, addy," she said, and I already knew where her dirty mind was going... "Oh, he is so good..
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Theresa Durrett
yes I agree. Maybe a few more weapons would have helped ?
goodnovel comment avatar
Karina Vazquez
Brave or stupid, that’s the question. How is a “human” patrolling by herself with a good plan to communicate to the other when there is danger? No very smart

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