He wouldn't dare

Jace's eyes widened at the lie that his sister had just spat out, he turned to look at her abruptly and she secretly cut her eyes for him. He just smiled and faced his front, his sister will surely make it up to him today.

"You went to Arya's house? why did you forget your phone at home then, do you know how worried I was" Hannah complained and Stella let out a sad pout. "I'm sorry mom, I didn't mean to make you worry, I thought I'll come back earlier, I didn't know that I'll be back late" she pouted.

"Naughty girl, don't tell me that you'll be going to Arya's house this evening too?" Hannah rolled her eyes and came to think of it, she has to use that Arya's house excuse again because she would be going on another night shift right?, "Mom actually, Arya isn't done fixing her house yet so I might wanna go there again this evening" she muttered.

Hannah could only just look at this daughter of hers. Just what did Arya buy that they would have to spend hours fixing? Shaking her head, she just replied with, "Do whatever you want but if it's late don't come back home, just sleep at Arya's place because it's too dangerous to walk alone late at night" 

Stella let out a cute smile, "thanks mom. Hm, I'll be leaving for work now so I'm not going to make breakfast today, will you mind doing it?" She asked.

"No problem dear, you better go now, you're late" Hannah smiled and Stella nodded. She faced Jace with a low smile and rubbed his shoulders, "Take care of Mom and don't cause her much trouble, okay?" she said.

"No problem sis but let me escort you out" he replied. Stella knew that he was going to ask her why she had lied to mom and also ask her to explain those pictures to him so she had no choice but to just nod. 

"Fine let's go" she replied to him and he happily took her hands, "Bye mom, I promise I'll be back in the next thirty minutes" Jace waved to Hannah as he left with Stella.

When Stella got out with Jace, he immediately pulled his hands away from hers and came to stand at the front of her, blocking her path.

"Why?" He asked with crossed arms. His face was now serious, all the traces of those smiles he was given at home were now gone and this only made Stella gulp. Though he was her junior brother, they were sometimes when he would kinda intimidate her a little with his strange overprotective character.

Jace might look gentle and friendly in the aspect of his facial expression but one thing about him is that, once you joke with his sister, he won't take it with you. The love that this boy has for his dear sister is one of a kind and if you wanna bring out his inner beast you can go ahead and mess with his sister. 

Stella sighed and took two steps closer to him then held his hands. "Promise that you won't get mad when I tell you" she first told him.

"I promise."

"Are you sure?" She asked for confirmation because Jace's anger issues were just as much as hers and she doesn't want anything that'll ruin his mood, after all she was doing all these for him.

"Yes sis I already told you that I promise so quit putting me on suspense. It doesn't make any sense!" He complained.

Stella stared at his face for a short while before deciding to tell him the truth. "I went for the night shift last night". The moment that sentence left her lips, Jace's eyes went wide, it was as though it was going to pop and fall off anytime soon. The night shift?? Why on Earth would his sister go there, doesn't she know how dangerous it is, what if all those funny men tried touching her? What will she do then??

He gritted his teeth as he stared at his sister, "You went for the night shift?" He asked calmly, trying to stop himself from yelling at that moment, she was still a fragile girl that had no one other than him and Charles to protect her so what was she even doing there?

"Come on don't be like that Jace, it was for your own good I swear, I just wanted to raise a lot of money so you can resume school next week" she immediately explained.

"But I thought I told you not to worry about me sis" he replied.

"Yes you told me not to worry but as a big sister why won't I worry? My brother was chased out of school because of incomplete payment of school fees and you expect me to sit and do nothing, huh!?" She yelled back, her own anger rising up too.

"I love you sis, I really appreciate you helping me but can you not do that next time, I'm doing some online business and I can't help myself, I don't want to endanger your life because of my problem" he said softly and the softness in his face made Stella soften up too, she took his hands again as she stared up at him.

Stella was a bit shorter than her brother. Jace was a little bit bigger than his age, as a nineteen years old, he had the height and the body of a twenty two, if you don't look at his face closely you'll think that he was already in his early 20's.

"Jace you are my brother and I'd do anything just to see you smile" she said. 

"But sis-

He only said two words just to be interrupted by his sister again. "You don't have to worry about me, as far as I know, nothing can happen to me, I have you and I have Charles to protect me" she said.

"But what if..

Stella Interrupted him again, "Always be positive Jace" she smacked his curly hair making him pout. "I'll be fine," she added.

Jace breathed and licked his lips which was his usual habit, "And Charles, does he know?" He asked.

Silent reigned between them and Jace could already guess the answer so he decided not to ponder too much about it. Instead he decided to ask about the other question that has been bugging him. "Fine then tell me what happened between you and Davis McClure, did he try touching you?" He asked.

Stella froze for a moment before forcing a low smile on her face, "He wouldn't dare".

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