Where were you last night?

After what seems to be like a while, Stella finally stopped crying but she hasn't calmed down yet. She wiped her tears and tried her best to maintain a good composure so she could finally go home and meet her mother and brother. After she was done with cleaning her face, she slowly stood up. Her eyes were still really red and her face looked so awful, she remembered that she was raped again and she still felt more urge to cry, how could this just happen to her. Even up till now she still couldn't believe it but she really needs to stop thinking about this for now and just go home, she just prays that Jace shouldn't be at home yet because she knows that he'll definitely ask about what happened and he will go to cause a racket everywhere.

Finally Stella found herself at the front of her mother's door, she shut her eyes tight as she brought her hands slowly to knock on it. It didn't even take up to two seconds when Hannah hopped the door, hoping it was finally her daughter and her hope c
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